Program Report


One Week Virtual Faculty Development Program


Tools, Techniques & Motivation for Academic Research

held between 27th September 2021 to 2nd of October 2021

Organised by

BVBIMS, Kolkata


Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Institute of Management Science, Kolkata has organised a one-week virtual FDP on the theme “Tools, Techniques & Motivation for academic research”, majorly for inhouse early stage faculty and academic staff. The FDP has been held between 27th September to 2nd of October 2021 through ZOOM.

About the FDP

The FDP is targeted towards the early stage academicians and researchers in the social science domain to augment their research thirst and to throw away their doubts that hinders their start. While this FDP would be largely on the basic information dissemination on the Indian Academic Research Ecosystem, this may also appeal reverent scholars who may trying to tune their research journey in between

Attendees: All the inhouse faculty and some faculty from outside. Total 20 in number. The FDP was kept limited to a small cohort for better interaction and stimulation.

Resource Person/s Profile

  • Dr. Amarendra Pani, joint director & director (i/c) research division, Association of Indian Universities, New Delhi
  • Dr. Akhilesh Chandra Pandey, Professor, Central University, Allahabad
  • Dr. Sandeep Walia, Associate Professor, Lovely Professional University, Jalandhar
  • Dr. Amit Kauts, Professor, Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar, Punjab
  • Dr. Vishal Goyal, Professor, Punjabi University, Patiala, Punjab
  • Dr. R T Nanda, Assistant Professor, Jain University, Bangalore

The FDP is convened by Dr Ramakanta Patra, Principal, BVBIMS Kolkata and Coordinated by Mr. Biswarup Chatterjee, Assistant Professor, BVBIMS Kolkata

Excerpts from the Resource persons

Dr Amarendra Pani has discussed about the need of the research for academic community in India. Taking references from the newly founded National Education Policy 2020 by GoI, he has emphasised on increased focus on interdisciplinary and broader theme-based research which can serve the purpose of society. He has also urged the panel to revise the incentive structure of researchers in India to scale them up to the global community of researchers. His points are well taken by the audience through an interactive Q&A session at the conclusion.

Dr A C Pandey started his point with an open query of “why research”? He has broadened the scope of academic research into interdisciplinary, transdisciplinary and global collaborative research. He also furthered on the issue of collaboration with various industries and agencies for meaningful societal research. His points are well taken by the audience through an interactive Q&A session at the conclusion.

Dr Sandeep Walia has fastened the deliberation with a stimulating question – “why to publish, especially in top recognised journals”. He has demonstrated some top tier journal, especially for the management domain where the publication carries a weight in the academic community. He has presented some top tier indexes like Scopus, ABDC, ABS etc where one can evaluate to publish their papers in to the indexed journals. He has shared tips and info about how to get published in that tier I and II journals to survive in the academic career in coming years. His points are well taken by the audience through an interactive Q&A session at the conclusion.

The session of Dr Vishal Goyal was technical, in the sense that he has started with how to identify a research problem. His deliberation covers mainly the aspects of the journey of writing a paper, like identifying a problem, establishing a thorough investigation through pertinent literature review, and the methodological aspects followed by the results and findings. He stresses on the “Research Question” framing part as this serves as the fundamental attention to the reader. At the end, Q&A has left more quest for the session due to time constraint.

Dr Amit Kauts has discussed on the part of Various GoI initiatives and schemes for the academic community currently existing in the country. He also discussed about the current challenges in the academia which deters research. He focused on the issue to resolve these and successfully interacted with the audience on this. A lot of new schemes, which can enhance academic career has been demonstrated by him through PPT.

The last day session, taken by Dr r T Nanda, has been initiated by four questions – What is ethics in management research, why it is necessary, what are the precursor of value-based research and what are the ways to keep on value-based research. Dr Nanda has emphasised on inculcating the ethical mindset among the learners for more long term academic and societal success. He points have been lauded by the participants at the reverberations.  

Specific learning outcomes of the FDP

  • More encouraged and motivated academic minds   
  • Participants will be more proactive in publication in top journals
  • Participants have been able to identify the nuances of publication with ethical standards
  • Will become more linear to collaborative research.

Participants Feedback

At the end of the session each attendee has filled up the feedback form circulated through google form. The parameters of the evaluation were – overall course evaluation, prior and after learning contribution at their knowledge level, resource person wise feedback on their skill and responsiveness and coordinator skill evaluation. They have also been asked to put forth their suggestion for further improvement and their choice of programs in the near future. Parameters were evaluated on an agreement scale of 1 to 5 where 1 being the strongly disagree and 5 being the strongly agree.

Among the total participants, almost all of them have responded on the satisfaction side on the scale. They have also rated it high from the coordination perspective. Although there were few apprehensive comments on the timing of the FDP which was on working day but it was unavoidable due to the demand of the resource persons. But it will certainly be kept in mind from next time onwards. Some of the suggested future FDP themes are-

  • FDP on SEM
  • Any FDP on Benchmarking
  • FDP on Qualitative Research Tools
  • Research ethics & publication
  • Research Methodology Tools and Techniques.
  • Marketing analytics
  • Literature Review, Research methodology
  • Applying e-views in research
  • FDPs based on Structural Equation Model through Amos Software
  • FDP on - Statistical measures

Some images of the sessions are attached below with demo certificate to participants and appreciation certificate issued to each resource person. The program schedule is also attached separately for the purpose.

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