BIMS or Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan institute of management Science, has been there since the wake of 2000. We offer students BBA and MBA programs by the affiliation of MAKAUT or Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology, which is approved by AICTE and the ministry of human resource development. Our institute covers 3 years of a bachelor of business administration regularly.

We are one of the best BBA colleges in Kolkata who offer 4 types of specialization, in the field of management, Human resources, marketing, finance, and information technology. To make students understand the scenario of business, we offer dual specialization too.

BBA from our institute has been successfully grabbed the top 7th position in India and the year of 2015 to 2016. Our passed-out students are the pride of the business industry, showing their excellence in various fields. We focus on cutting edge industrial assignments, and we organize seminars, industry visits, interactive sessions with industry giants, and case studies.

Our teaching methods

We follow extensive teaching methods in BIMS. Here, take a glimpse of it.


BIMS is one of the best BBA colleges in Kolkata who has the way of teaching with pedagogy. We not only go for classroom learning but an attempt at group learning, learning aids, non-classroom activities, and case studies. Our classroom teaching is concentrated on theoretical and other methods of concept, we also have faculty of diverse specialization so that they can give better insight to the students. We also provide study materials and books from national and international sources, so the students can have better support. Other than this, we provide software packages and audiovisual aids for the students to get the greater picture of their subjects.

Group learning

This is one of the things we specialize in, and it’s a prominent constituent of teaching methods. Group learning is very effective, as the students get to discuss the matter with each other, and help one another while they acquire knowledge. The free exchange of ideas among classmates develops the mind, and it builds teamwork too, which is very important in the business industry. This also enhances communication skills, which helps in the self-study part.

Case study

We offer various case studies, so the students can understand from real-life scenarios in the business industry. As this platform requires more practical knowledge, our BBA students, get that information from the different types of case studies we offer in the classes. We not only confine our teaching through theory but summer projects which include some curriculum activities in the industries and it goes on for 6 to 8 weeks and sometimes more than that.

Communication lab

This is the teaching method of BIMS other than all the other BBA colleges in Kolkata. We focus on the communication part of our students. How efficiently they can represent themselves, in the English language particularly. This helps the students to build a good profile for themselves and leads them towards a better future in the business industry. Also, they understand that learning to communicate in a language is different than the course study. This is not a one-way communication either. This is important when they go out there in the real world. So, we give importance to reading, writing, and speaking of the English language in the best way we can.

Computer lab

BIMS has one of the best computer labs for all students. We provide PCs with multi-terminal facilities, other assortments, and software-oriented packages. Our computer lab is there to provide more and better support to the students in computer education, and other fields of study. We offer resources like printers, workstations, HCL servers, 24 hours internet access, high-end INM servers, and so on. All of these are available for campus activities, and external networking as well. Email facilities and internet browsing are available for every BBA student in our facility.

Our library

Not just the internet is enough, we offer the best things like books. We have a highly sophisticated library that provides thousands of references and textbooks and from different sources of the world. We keep a wide collection of business magazines, and on current affairs, so the students can find content on their specialized subjects. The services and stock of our library aim to provide all the intellectual content for graduate and post-graduate students and researchers. Other than the regular services in the library, we offer reference books and photocopying of the same. The library of BIMS has the membership of the American information resource center and the British council library.

We offer one of the best cost-effective regular classes for BBA other than all the BBA colleges in Kolkata. We take pride in our teaching method and student satisfaction. We aim to educate and build leaders for the future.