Our MBA Programme is inspired by various Management practice and not just by academic curriculum only. We emphasize on overall development of the students to shape them as good business leaders.

We recognize the importance of basic human value as given in our ancient scriptures and present in Indian culture.

We expose our students to the value system & ethics of management that would shape them into successful human beings contributing to their place of work & to the society at large.

At our Institute we duly recognize the need of present day organization & train them with information about present markets, products, competition, financial structure, sales volumes, strategic, management, employees & other factors effecting the business environment.

We offer our best wishes for their bright career & great future.

We build the self-confidence of our students by exposing them in practical field & provide them with the latest & up-dated information & knowledge required to make them fully capable of doing business at ease.

Dr. G V Subramanian