Ref: Anti Rag/MBA/

September 16,2020


Anti Ragging Squad of the Institute will take expedite action against the students indulging any form of ragging ( as constituted and stated herein above)


The Government of West Bengal has enacted Anti Ragging Law,”West Bengal Prohibition of Ragging in Educational Institution Act 2000” to prevent ragging in Educational Institutions. Further, the Government has directed all Heads of educational institutions of the State to form Anti Ragging Committee to implement strictly and punish the students indulging in ragging activities stringently as per the provision of the law.
The Supreme Court in its order, dated the 16th May 2007, has ordered a crackdown on ragging on campus across the country. The court made it compulsory for colleges and other educational institutions to register FIRs and said exemplary punishment should be awarded to offenders, so that its acts as deterrent.
In pursuance of the above orders and directives, an Anti-Ragging Committee has been Re-constituted as per the AICTE norms for the academic year 2020-21 with the following members.

Sl. Name Designation Status in Anti-ragging Contact No.
1. Prof.(Dr.) Ramakanta Patra Principal Chairperson 8336068578
2. Dr Santanu Chakraborty Associate Professor Member 9231622657
3. CMA(Dr.)Jharna Dutta Associate Professor Member 8001143036
4. Dr Indrajit Sinha Assistant Professor Member 8336076057
5. Prof.S Debroy Sen Assistant Professor Member 9163291090
6. Student Representative Sri Manjur Ali Member 8617232620
Sri Sounak Basu Member 8697538135
Sri Romit Mukherjee Member 9874669347
7. Parent Representative Ms.Parven Jahan Member 9331667734
Sri Bhuban Kumar Basu Member 9330838855
8. Local Police Station Officer-in-charge, North Bidhan P.S. Member 2335-1047,2016
9. Sri Debasish Sengupta Administrative Officer Member 8584822753

Dr. R. Patra (Principal)