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The campus at BIMS Kolkata is a microcosm of a world in itself. It is not just enough to say that students find here a home away from home, for campus life for a BIMS-ian is definitely a lot more.

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Internship/Recruitment Programme

Whether the Industry needs an intern or some fresh talent for its leadership development program, the BIMS-Kolkata Placement Office facilitates the search through the well established Campus Recruitment Programme.
The Placement Office and a team of Student Placement Coordinators extends a warm welcome to all recruiters on campus.
We place our student with Industry Leaders. Check out our potential recruiters.

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Dr. R K Patra ,Principal, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Institute of Management Science, Kolkata

"The principal is the rudder of the ship, steering, providing direction, leadership,guidance. The principal needs t..

Dr. R K Patra ,Principal, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Institute of Management Science, Kolkata

Welcome to BIMS, a centre for higher learning, offering quality higher education with consistently proper performance. E..

Choosing the best career opportunity with us

Some may have an interest in a particular field where they want to excel and get a job. Some might have been forced by the parents to opt for a specific stream. As a result of this, they are left with very few choices when it comes to a point where they have to take up a job.

It does not matter what stream you choose; it is never late to do an MBA. Not because it sounds excellent but due to the reason that this has plenty of career opportunities once you get inside this field. The trend of doing MBA after engineering is on the increase in recent years.

In a city like Kolkata where IIM is present, it is considered as the top management college in India. Due to the scarcity of seats, not everyone gets to be in it. So there are many colleges present in Kolkata, which can impart management education to you.

How do we help you to improve your skills?

We at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Institute of Management, offer you the best curriculum to improve your management skills. With the best faculty, you will always be helped by the professors during the course if you have queries. It was Founded Kulapati Dr. K. M. Munshi in the year 1938.

Our college comes under the Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology. And the MBA program offered by us is affiliated to the West Bengal University of Technology, and the All India Council also approves it for Technical Education.

Why are we Different?

Our study is not only restricted to the knowledge provided in the books or related to your course. As we know that to learn something, it must be actually or practically done to get a better understanding of things. And due to this reason, we provide you with knowledge which cannot be gained by just reading through the pages of your books. We aim for the overall development of our students.

The aspect of practical learning is focused on, as we in our college take out students for industry visits. In the real world, they get the chance to explore things in a better and efficient manner. Like any other top B school in kolkata, we in the first year making the students go through the core course. And then after that, in the third and fourth semester, the student must choose a field of management in which he or she wants to specialize.

The vital factor, which makes us different from the other mba institute in kolkata is that now we are providing a chance to the students to excel to their maximum potential. Not just by saying this, but we are doing it from our end by giving the opportunity to the students to get specialized in two fields of management at once. As the situation is ever changing and very dynamic, it is the need of the hour to offer such benefits to the students.

What we have to offer?

We offer all the facilities which are provided in any other top mba colleges in India. Our services are up to the mark of the infrastructure and additional facilities which we offer to our students. The notable highlights involve a well-equipped library, where the students can find books under every title regarding the courses and study pattern. We also offer the magazines and periodicals having the best of content to satisfy the urge of the students who are into reading.

We also have a communication lab, which can sound a bit new to the students. It is due to the reason that, such laboratories in India are not a common thing. But we do have one, as we know how important it is to know and understand the necessary know-how of the English language. Some students still might want to improve their spoken or written aspects of learning. The lab is equipped with high definition speakers and every type of microphones which makes things easy.

The competition in the field is steadily growing, as the number of students entering into management institutes all across the country is vast in numbers. So when students join a college, they do not compete just with their batch mates in the same class but are competing with all those who are going through the same course at that particular time. And for that, you need to sharpen your tools before you get into the war with them.

Top mba colleges in India take in the best of students who perform exceptionally well in the entrance exams like CAT, MAT,etc., But we also take in students who perform comparatively low and try to make them self-sufficient and well versed with the knowledge to make them stronger in the field of academics. So in this goal, the communication lab plays a vital role. It enables to improve the aspect of communication which is the essential thing in the field of management.

The primary thing which is of concern to the students is the chances of getting the placement. We offer placement into many renowned companies. And hence help them in securing their future. The primary objective of taking admission in college is thus fulfilled. The management education in kolkata of such level is quite hard to get after IIM but is made possible to you by our institute BIM.

After completing the under graduation, it is quite a difficult decision to take regarding which college to choose. Although the selection of courses after that is equally difficult, you should go through the pros and cons of the courses before making a decision.

Why choose us?

Opting for BIMS will be a decision that will benefit you in a lot many ways as management courses are such where you learn a lot about other things than just about the study. You need to have the skills to influence people to work under you and set a good example for them as well so that they carry on your legacy forward; we will help you in this goal as well by providing you with a quality education.

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Admission close on 26th June 2019 for the session 2019-2021.
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