MBA Institute in Kolkata

MBA students have a lot of options for studies if they already are a manager at some company and they feel that there is a need to brush up their skills or if they are looking towards building the qualities necessary to be an effective manager. MBA institute in Kolkata offers many courses that meet […]

Premier Business School in Kolkata

Everybody‚Äôs dream is to have a great career, high paying job, being a part of a big MNC but all this is not a bed of roses. People look for various career options in various professional fields like engineering, medical, fashion, music, and much more. They put all their effort, hard work, and willpower working […]

Top B School in Kolkata

Graduating from a business school provides you with a lot of career options. The jobs available have good salary packages. By taking admission in a Top B School in Kolkata you ensure that you have a secure future at a good firm. Doing a degree in business is as rewarding as pursuing a degree in […]

Management Education in Kolkata

There are a lot of esteemed MBA colleges in Kolkata apart from the very famous IIM Calcutta. Management Education in Kolkata can be achieved at a very low fee structure which happens to be quality education. Premier MBA College in Kolkata is all you need to boost start your career towards a professional path. There […]

How to be a part of top MBA Colleges in India?

MBA is perhaps one of the most largely pursued career options, likely owing to the growth of autonomous businesses, branching out of established companies or simply the wider market scope. Entrepreneurship is in demand, and the Business schools in India are witnessing a stark increase in the number of applicants per year. It would be […]

5 Reasons Why One Should Study in BIMSKOL as Management Education in Kolkata

Business is an important subject regarding the growth and economy of a country. Graduates in Business Studies have extensively widespread prospects of career. Business Education is perhaps a fast-developing genre of professional education. Over the years, many business schools have been established, with an increasingly advanced syllabus and learning facilities. One such milestone in Business […]

BIMS – A Premier MBA College in Kolkata

Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan Institute of Management Science was established by Kulapati Dr. K. M. Munshi in the year 1938. Some of the prominent personalities such as Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, and Shri C. Rajagopalachari were among the founding members of the institute. Profile of The Institute Over the past […]

Importance and the Top Premier Business School for MBA in Kolkata

In India, the growing demand for an MBA course has changed drastically over the past few years. Almost all the universities have opted to include this course on their curriculum and similarly, many students are going for the same as well. Many international students come to India for pursuing this course as well and the […]