Top BBA Institute in Kolkata

In case you want to master the basics of management and business administration, then it will be a prudent idea to opt for the BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) course. In case you are thinking of starting your own business then this course will be suitable for you. The same is applicable if you want […]

Pursuing MBA in Business Analytics from The Best MBA Colleges in Kolkata

Business Analytics can help in using vital statistical data with different approaches to providing essential ideas and insights regarding business administration. This can be useful to students who want to work with loads of data and maintain a proper balance between technical aspects and business issues. Various jobs in the world take in people who […]

Why Should You opt for an MBA in Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan Institute of Management Sciences-Kolkata?

Masters in Business Administration is a program that helps aspirants and candidates to know the essentials of business and apply for management jobs in organizations. There are several disciplines in the MBA course and individuals can choose their desired ones to get essential certification in their studies. Moreover, a global MBA can also help in […]

How to find Top Business School in Kolkata?

There is a huge expansion of businesses in India right now. If one has to succeed in the world of business he ought to comprehend the intricacies of business in the best possible way. You will come across quite a few business schools in Kolkata and other parts of India. It is essential to find […]

Top MBA College in Kolkata offers The Best MBA Course-Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan Institute of Management Science Kolkata

The business management platform is quite popular with students these days. In fact, it has been a well-known study platform for some years now. Students after graduation have been opting for MBA colleges, and some even opting for bachelor’s degrees in management studies. But studying in a top management college and going to a mediocre […]

Personal Blog-Dipsha Dey

Recently I have started taking a foreign language class. I am learning French and have completed the A1 level and currently undertaking the A2 level. Initially, I started taking these classes as after my university classes were moved to an online platform, I was allowed to have a lot of free time on my hand. […]

Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan Institute of Management Science Kolkata ranked the top business schools in Kolkata

Enrolling in the top management colleges requires better marks in graduation, skills, and the ability to stand out in the throng of other MBA applicants. You must need some practical experience of what the business world is, and how tough it’s going to get when you finally go out there to prove yourself. Even if […]

Choose the top 10 management colleges in Kolkata for a better career

MBA is considered to be the most demanding course by the students who have passed graduation. As the job opportunities in this field are rising continuously, more and more individuals are looking for establishing a promising career in the management field both in the government and corporate sectors. If you have an interest in pursuing […]

Obtain an MBA degree from a top management institute in Kolkata

In today’s competitive environment, MBA is for those aspiring students who wish to establish a promising career in the management sector. An MBA degree from a reputed management institute is a gateway to avail high prestigious and high salaried jobs. With ever-increasing challenges and competition, choosing the right management institute is a difficult job. There […]

Enroll in top management institute in Kolkata

The number of management institutes in Kolkata is rising at a fast pace. The main reason behind such growth is the high demand for qualified and experienced managers in both government and corporate sectors. In today’s competitive environment, quality management education is a must. In today’s globalized economy, business owners are opening their chain of […]