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Everybody’s dream is to have a great career, high paying job, being a part of a big MNC but all this is not a bed of roses. People look for various career options in various professional fields like engineering, medical, fashion, music, and much more. They put all their effort, hard work, and willpower working towards their goals and still, there is no surety that everything will work out as planned in the end.

An MBA program can be one of those great steps that you take towards your future that might change everything. Premier MBA College in Kolkata is all you need to kick start your career towards a professional path.

Job Offers for MBA graduates

Since the MBA program has various specializations in the business field like finance, operating, marketing, IT, and many more; this creates a variety of job options for those who are opting for it. If a person has graduated from Premier B Schools in Kolkata or any other developed metropolitan city of India then the graduates are offered jobs like:

  • MBA – Banking & Finance

This category of graduates is offered jobs from banks, security firms, investment banking, taxation, and various financial organizations. Some MNC’s like Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, Nomura, RBS, Barclays, etc. offer jobs to the MBA graduates.

  • MBA – Information System

Those who graduate from IT are more technologically focused people and serve better in top-notch IT firms. They help in providing cost-analysis for various financial and managerial departments.

  • MBA – Marketing

This stream of graduates is always in demand by various companies so that the MBA graduates can prevent them from being a victim of the recession. After doing MBA in marketing, one can enter various fields like retail, banking, hospitality, media, and much more.

If we talk about the job post, MBA graduates are offered then it depends upon the specialization the person chose. If the graduation was done from Premier B Schools in Kolkata or other top cities of the countries then MBA professionals work for positions like-

  • Manager – Responsibilities like leading a whole team, managing the company’s revenues and help to meet the on-going projects with the deadline.
  • Financial Analyst – Financial Analyst takes care of the investment of an individual or a whole organization. They advise in the fields like mutual funds, banks, stocks, etc.
  • Business Analyst – Analysis of the business status of the company or individual, they are the business advisor who helps others for future business endeavors.

If you select a Premier Business School in Kolkata for your MBA, put some efforts towards the specialization you have chosen then there is nothing that can come between you and your dreams.

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