BBA in Business Analytics

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BBA in Business Analytics

1. Why there is a need of BBA in Business Analytics when there is a BBA program in existence?

In Industry 4.O era, records are being stored digitally. Hence, data analytics is playing a key role in extracting out the impactful insights from these digitally stored data. Business analytics is no exception to that and playing key role as ‘Business Enabler’ in industry. Hence, this should be an integral part of BBA programme.

Secondly, in traditional BBA programme course structure has the 120 credit score limit where it is not possible to introduce majority of the important BA courses. Hence, a separate BBA program is required for BA.Further, students having Science, Commerce, and Humanities stream in 10+2 level can easily adopt the programme. The basic mathematics, statistics knowledge required as foundation background, will be imparted before semester I commences for four weeks’ duration, naming ‘Foundation Course for BBA(BA)’.

2. Why does Business Analytics recognized as ‘Business Enabler’?

Business Analytics has emerged as a potential business enabler in both public and private sectors and is one of the fastest growing fields. By implementing Business Analytics initiatives in their organizations, decision makers can integrate disparate data sources, predict trends, improve performance, see key performance indicators, identify business opportunities, and make better and informed decisions.

More and more companies recognize the vital role BA plays in addressing their challenges, predicting future outcomes, and capitalizing on the value of data. A growing number of companies rely on BA to plan and optimize their business operations, forecast their business outcomes, improve efficiency, make better decisions, offer new products and services, and capture new market opportunities. In addition, advanced analytics capabilities can help decision makers find more novel uses of data, build their organizations around data, and transform their business models.

Every industry is faced with a different set of challenges and business analytics presents new opportunities for decision makers to deal with such challenges. The company names provided in the list suggest that BA has already become a business enabler in those organizations. It can be concluded that with all the tools, models, technologies, opportunities, and capabilities it presents, BA is a much promising paradigm shifter.

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