Top BBA colleges in Kolkata

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It is said that from the beginning itself, one should have a clear vision regarding his/her aims and ambition. While, choosing a career path, one must always keep some points in mind and ask the following questions to themselves:-

  • whether the career path that is going to be chosen is approachable from the current situation?
  •  whether that career path includes too lengthy way and if yes then whether one is patient enough to study for that long period or not?
  • Is it going to give a fruitful result at the end?

There are many career options like the study of Medical Science or Engineering, etc which require great effort and perseverance. However, students who want to earn money from the quite earlier but, at the same time want to be a successful and a reputed person with a qualified degree then I would suggest the study of Business management because it is the best option for such people. Business Administration is the management of different business operations. BBA is a Bachelor degree in Business Administration which can be done from any recognized Government or Private colleges. It is a three years’ Bachelor’s degree course similar to any graduation degree in any subject. Though, it is also a bachelor’s degree like others but, a plus point of pursuing a BBA is that one can get a good salaried job in a corporate sector or any business or a company. Moreover, it is one of the most chosen career paths in India. It marks the beginning of a higher-level degree of MBA that is Masters’ in Business Administration. Infact, BBA is considered a basic education in the Business world. After acquiring the bachelor’s degree or BBA degree one may opt for a corporate job because BBA makes one capable of managing business operations, decisions, and organizations. It is simply a study of management and ways of leading a company or a business venture.

There are many colleges in Kolkata that provide BBA courses like IIM, St. Xavier’s, etc. However, they may impart quality education with well-furnished classrooms and sophisticated campuses but, not everyone can afford their high fee structure. For a lower-middle-class student with average or decent marks in Higher Secondary, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan College of Science and Management or BIMS (, situated in Kolkata will be the best institute for studying especially Business management. It ranks top five in Kolkata. It not only accelerates one’s academic performance with its high-quality faculty but, also keeps their fair fee structure so that any student can afford it. They conduct seminars to give better and specialized learning experience and education-excursions are also conducted to Multi-national companies so that students can fetch and learn ground level knowledge. They maintain an organized infrastructure. Besides, the institute also provides higher degree courses like Masters in Business Administration or MBA. So after completing BBA, one can join any corporate job in any company or may continue their studies in the same institute to achieve a higher degree with deeper and advanced knowledge of the same. However, all these specialties of BIMS make the institute one of the best BBA colleges in Kolkata. 

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