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Recently I have started taking a foreign language class. I am learning French and have completed the A1 level and currently undertaking the A2 level. Initially, I started taking these classes as after my university classes were moved to an online platform, I was allowed to have a lot of free time on my hand. However, after learning for almost a year I realize all the added benefits which come with learning a new language. In french we had a chapter named ‘Ouverture Sur le Monde’ which means “Opening on the World”; the chapter talks all about french culture. Learning any new language does open up a new world. One gets to savor the true essence of the language and also enjoy the different works in the field of literature in their original versions. 
The last point was especially about the literature lovers. There is also a very professional advantage to learning a new language gives a lot of new opportunities. Firstly, it helps you build new connections, sometimes with a person of a completely different culture and also with all those who are looking forward to learning the particular language. You can learn and grow together. It always feels good to share your stories and listen to their ones. Secondly, studies have shown that learning a new language stimulates your brain. While you are learning a whole new set of grammar and lexicons, your brain tries to keep up with the complexities and the patterns of the new language. This helps in brain development. Most importantly, it allows you to have more career options, whether you want to work in an oversea organization or later decide to share your learning and help other people, is completely up to you. Here I could highlight only a few important points but the list of importance is endless.