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Welcome to BIMS, a centre for higher learning, offering quality higher education with consistently proper performance. Endowed in abundance by nature and enriched by competent faculty and state-of-the-art infrastructure, BIMS offers a delightful learning experience to all its stakeholders. Located in the heart of the city in congenial education environment with constantly expanded  infrastructure, outstanding library including E-Library and advanced computer lab, Communication Lab, BIMS has evolve itself as one of the best management institute of Eastern India. BIMS is running 2 years full time MBA , 3 years full time BBA programs. With intellectual dynamism as our core competence, we transform learners into leaders to steer the future of the nation. Another major strength of BIMS is our alumni who are at the helm of affairs across the continents. The vision, vitality and values of BIMS that got translated into robust policy formation and execution have been instrumental in BIMS unrivalled reputation. I welcome you to our highly prized, truly cosmopolitan and academically vibrant campus. As the head of the BIMS family, it is my pleasure to welcome you to BIMS. The true spirit of education, we learn from Gandhi, is liberation of the mind. For this reason, we believe that education is the best equalizer of all. It frees us from the prejudices of colour, creed and caste. It broadens one’s perspective from the narrowness of “I” to the inclusive “us”. It lifts us to reach heights of excellence. This is the kind of education that BIMS is committed to promote. BIMS seeks to provide the necessary support system to enable its students to become scholars, leaders, and above all, complete persons. We would like our teachers to be role models as truth-seekers and torchbearers leading our students to learn not only what is known but also explore the treasures hidden and discover and disseminate knowledge that would enrich the humankind. We expose our students to humanities and social sciences so that our students do not function as heartless robots, but serve as mindful citizens; our MBA & BBA students harness the natural resources without harming the environment, preserving and sustaining it so that it will sustain us; our leaders are not led by popular sentiment, instead they mould the public mind for the good of all. We instruct in yoga, meditation and expose our students to varied thought systems of the world.  Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan was founded with the blessings of Mahatma Gandhi, and it would be instructive to remember that  Kulapati Kanhaiyalal Maneklal Munshi founded the Bhavan a full